Era Module v0.2

Era Module v0.2

Version: 0.2

Compatibility: Rpgmaker VX Ace

Usage: Paste under the Materials section of the script editor.

Features: none.

Description: It is required by certain scripts posted here. All other scripts obtained from this website should be placed below this one.


Scene Maker Utility

Scene Maker Utility

This is a scripting tool that makes creating scenes a bit easier. It provides a gui for you to drag and drop windows, associate activated and deactivated windows, etc. After you’ve organized the windows you can generate the associated code for that scene. It should be pretty self explanatory.

My intention with this was to make creating and organizing the windows during a scene a bit less tedious.

It’s missing a few features but… maybe later.



Gardening/Farming Add ons

There are two new add ons for the gardening script. You can now plow the terrain and label seeds which can only be planted on plowed ground. You can also now specify seeds which must be watered at least once before they will grow (before the plant would just die if it wasn’t watered).

Both of the add-ons have the same dependencies. They require the most recent versions of the Garden and Highlights scripts as well as the Era Utilities script. The dependencies must be above the add-ons.

You can find the new scripts here (Plow Terrain and Water Start). If you’re confused, download the latest version of the demo and check out how everything is setup there.

Instructions for how to use the new scripts are in the source files.

Era Utilities

This is a helper script, it’s not finished yet but a lot of other code I’m writing depends on methods from it so I’m going to post it here for now.

Script vUnfinished (Updated 9March2013)

Auction System

Auction System

An auction system can be evented but it is difficult to maintain, etc. This script facilitates the creation of auctions and makes them much quicker and easier to create, maintain, and modify.

The script will allow you to create an auction, specify bidders and an auctioneer, and then utilize a simple routine that allows the user to make bids against NPCs during that auction.

Full instructions are in the source file which can be found in the demo.

Script: The script has several dependencies which are scripts that I haven’t completely finished writing, please rip the code from the demo.

Dependencies: ** Please see demo **

Installation: The script should be placed in the materials section of the script editor. It must be below the dependencies.

Demo: v0.2 (Updated 10Feb2013)

Unique Items Compatibility

Compatibility Fixes

Many scripts expect the id of an item to always be the same. This means that removing items from the database is problematic for compatibility reasons. This has now been accounted for and items are no longer removed from the database.

This should fix a few of the compatibility problems the script had with CSCA encyclopedia, and Modern Alegbra’s and Fomar’s double attack and dual weild scripts respectively.

If you want to keep your database small (i.e. continue to allow items to be removed) you can change the Clean constant inside the CleanCDB module to true. This will keep the database free of unused objects during runtime and result in smaller save files. Keep in mind this may have compatibility consequences.

The unique items script is now also a dependency for the upgradable equipment script.

Scripts that have been updated and should be reinstalled: Unique Items, Upg Equips, Clean DB


Ra TBS Alpha


Ra TBS Alpha release:

Ra TBS Alpha is a fully functional tactical battle system script and has what it needs to support developing basic tactical-battle-based games but it is missing many features that would give it the feel of a fully developed system, hence this is only an alpha, not a beta. The script is not completely finished yet.

The purpose of this release is for me to get a better sense of how many bugs there are in the script right now and to help me to get an idea of the direction I should head with the script. I don’t recommend using this version of the script in any serious projects you’re making, this is really just a checkpoint for me right now.  This version of the script will not be supported once the full version is finished.

Some of the features included in the Alpha:

  • Turn based Tactical Battle System
  • No transitions to another map
  • Pathfinding
  • Normal Attacks + Skills
  • Specific Skill ranges (not just boxes or circles)
  • Area of effect skills
  • Jumping
  • Action Restrictions
  • Custom Win and Loss conditions
  • Team Colors
  • Producible Units
  • Unit costs
  • Individual unit items
  • Trading
  • Speed settings
  • Use Actors and/or Enemies as Units
  • Equip armor/weapons per unit if Actor
  • Gain Experience during battle
  • Terrain Passability Options
  • Equipment Range and Action Modifiers
  • Simple AI
  • Supports Large Maps with many units
  • + lots more

These are some of the features I want to add for the final version:

  • True AI
  • Capture Structures and Resource Locations
  • Gain funds based on resources owned
  • Allow units to interact with events and pickup items
  • traps to deal damage when a unit walks over them
  • Varying travel speeds over different terrain
  • Weather effects movement speed
  • Restrict skill usage by terrain tag used on/terrain tag targeted
  • Restrict skill usage/target by unit ‘type’
  • Units carrying other units (like a person unit getting into a plane unit)
  • Scenes after win/loss showing battle stats
  • Option to flip event self switches on state activation
  • Simple Fog Option
  • Additional teams
  • Overlay image after using a skill (multi-turn aoe skills)
  • Better Terrain passability settings
  • Easy script calls to change control of unit
  • Easy script calls to place a new unit on field after using a skill/item
  • Highly and easily customizable behavior on death (ex unit body stays and can be revived later)
  • Skills/items that push units around when used
  • Counter attacks, Unit guarding, directional blocking, Unit charging.

Current Problems and changes that need to be made:

  1. Need data organization class for displaying results/ exp
  2. Remodel turn control flow
  3. Ai needs to be worked on heavily and slightly remodeled lots of stupid behavior currently.
  4. Lots of other small features need to be implemented (end battle after x turns, extra party organization features, more intuitive unit placement and easier item organization, etc.)

Current Known Bugs:
Text is cut off in a few windows

Sometimes the game will get stuck on the ai’s turn. I believe this happens when an enemy unit is destroyed during the ai’s turn. The script is waiting for that enemy to finish moving but it never does of course and so the player never gets another turn.

Other non-bugs:
There are lots of problems with ai, these are not really bugs, they’re just examples of poor behavior. The ai will be completely reworked with new logic
for the final version of the script.

  • Jumps aren’t counted properly, so ai units can sometimes move more times than they should be able to
  • Ai won’t pick the optimal tile to hit when using aoe skills
  • Ai will try to target its unit even if it was removed from the map
  • Several units may try to move to the same square and won’t pick a new location to move to even if there are plenty available, instead they will just “line-up”, all of them trying to move to the one square.
  • The ai won’t attack its target if it is within range but the ai unit couldn’t find a path to get to the location it wanted to go to.

Please make suggestions for what you want to see in the script and any other ideas or problems you have.

Demo: v1.5 (Updated 4June2013)

Compatibility Addons (Alpha – paste these under the tbs classes and modules): YF Random Skill Invoke Compatibility- v0.1 (Updated 14April2013)

– Talk to the man right in front of you with the straw hat to get started. You can produce units just south of the player’s location at the white circle.

Almost Finished…

Maybe I can get the beta out in a week, maybe two, not sure

Garden System Variable Seed rates

You can now specify the growth rate of any seed using a variable from an event. I added an add-on section to the farming system script where you can find it.

Upgradable Equipment Major Bug Fix Several Script Updates + Suffixes

Cleaning up the custom db…


The Upgradable Equipment script had a major bug in it. After equipping an upgraded piece of equipment, and then saving and reloading the save file, the upgraded equipment would seem to disappear. This was a result of the problematic way in which I was adding and removing elements from the database.

I wrote two ‘helper’ scripts to deal with this issue. It may seem like a simple problem, but it was reasonably difficult to fix and required a bug prone solution.

Additionally the unique items script was not compatible with the Upg Equips script, this has been corrected.

You can now also specify suffixes that upgraders will ‘tac’ onto the items that they are upgrading. See the source file for more details.

Updated Equipment Script

and the two new scripts to go along with it:

Custom DM Array Sizes Snippet and Custom DB and Party Inventory Cleaner

Additionally, the compatibility patch for Falcao’s mana stone script had a slight bug in it. You can get the updated patch here.

The demo has been updated as well:

Demo v0.10